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RCI is the largest and most flexible Point-based vacation exchange program in the world. With more than 4,000 resorts in nearly 100 countries, you and your family can vacation at RCI affiliated properties around the world. RCI Points membership offers so much more than a traditional weekly exchange system:


Welcome to RCI Platinum Membership

As a Full Member you will receive the RCI Platinum Membership, which is designed to enhance your vacation ownership, enabling you to enjoy all RCI subscribing benefits as well as a wide range of added benefits whether on vacation or at home.

  • Unit Upgrades

    If a larger unit is available within two weeks before check-in, you have the opportunity to be upgraded without exchanging additional Points or Deposit Trading Power, and without paying any additional RCI fees. Additional housekeeping or other resort specific fees may apply based on the increase unit size.

  • Priority Access

    As an RCI Platinum member, you will be among the first in line to receive exclusive access to Exchange Vacations at select hotel and resort accommodations custom selected for RCI Platinum access. These vacations are in addition to the more than 4,000 affiliated resorts available to all RCI members.

  • Platinum Rebates

    Earn rebates on RCI transactions including RCI Guest Certificates, Extra VacationsSM getaways, and Combined Deposits (Combined Deposit rebate applies to RCI Weeks Members). Your rebate will be automatically credited back to your RCI account to use towards future
    RCI transactions.

  • City Attractions

    Save 20% on the Explorer Pass, which gives you savings of up to 55% on admission to a pre-selected number of popular attractions in your choice of fabulous cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. And stay ahead of the crowd with a 20% discount on the Go Card which offers you the opportunity to enjoy as many of the offered attractions as you wish, as many times as you wish.

  • Experiential Vacation Exchange

    As an RCI Platinum member, you can exchange a Deposit with a Deposit Trading Power of 7 or 20,000 RCI Points for a discount of at least $500USD per couple toward a dream vacation.* Experiential Vacations are available for purchase within RCI Travel.

  • Platinum Cruise Exchange

    With RCI Platinum membership you receive an additional $25USD off per cabin when compared to standard RCI subscribing membership, up to a maximum of 8 cabins when you exchange a qualified Deposit with a minimum Deposit Trading Power of 7, or 20,000 Points, toward the purchase of select cruises.* You can also enjoy access to a wider range of sailings.

  • Dining

    Every month, as an RCI Platinum member, you’ll receive a complimentary $25USD certificate that is redeemable at over 18,000 restaurants.