Exchange Access

When you own Skyline Real Estate at a qualified property, you can choose to be part of Skyline’s Exchange Access Program and enjoy all the benefits of the Skyline Vacation Club Membership.

This program allows you to deposit weeks on an annual basis into the Skyline Vacation Club inventory and receive an allotment of points that can be used within you Home Hotels & Resorts or to exchange with RCI/Registry portfolio, including thousands of resorts and hotels in hundreds of locations around the world.

The foundation of Skyline Vacation Club is a simple to use, flexible and convenient points based Membership that enables Members to design a vacation plan that suites the needs of their family year after year. As a Club Member, you will receive an allotment of Club Points every 12 months to be used towards your Home Hotels & Resorts or with our exchange partner, RCI.

Accommodations are assigned a nightly point value, which varies from season to season (Refer to Point Charts & Season Calendars). In addition to its seasonal value, the size of each accommodation type helps to determine the amount of points needed to book.

full membership

*Bonus Time – Last minute cash rate, 30-days or less prior to arrival, that only Full Members are entitled to book. Club Homes are the only qualifies accommodation for this rate, no matter the unit size the rate is always $99/night for week days (Sunday – Thursday) and $150/night for weekend days (Friday and Saturday). SkyAccess inventory does not qualify for Bonus Time.

**Free Room Upgrades – When available Full Members only receive free room upgrade at any of the Skyline Hotels & Resorts.

***Bonus Points – Qualified Memberships receive a one-time bonus points matching the amount of points purchased.

****RCI Bonus Weeks – Qualified Memberships receive up to 20 free weeks for the first 5 years with RCI on selected inventory. Weeks are transferable as a gift.

*****Registry Collection – This program offers you true luxury leisure travel and elegantly appointed accommodations in impeccably maintained surroundings. These type of inventory offers you bigger accommodation up to 4 bedrooms.

******In-Residence Program – Qualified Memberships are entitled to 5 years of free Golf & Ski, Adventure Park Access at Horseshoe Resort and Deerhurst Resort while in residence.

A Club Vacation Home is a quality appointed accommodation exclusively available to Skyline Vacation Club Members and their guests. There are two distinct series of Vacation Homes, Club Vacation Homes and Signature Vacation Homes. These homes are conveniently located at Pantages Hotel, Horseshoe Resort and Deerhurst Resort.



SkyAccess is a unique option for Club Members to access hundreds of Skyline Hotels & Resorts accommodation options in the following hotels and resorts:

  • Pantages Hotel
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel
  • Horseshoe Resort
  • Deerhurst Resort

This option greatly enhances the Member experience and ensures greater availability for Member reservations during peak season or long weekends. Accommodations can only be booked with points and up to 10 months prior to arrival date. Please refer to the SkyAccess Point Chart for more details on accommodation types available and point calculation.


Bonus Time is a preferred “cash rate “option without the need for use of Club Points – exclusively offer to Skyline Vacation Club Members. Bonus Time reservations are designed to be booked for last-minute vacations or for mid and low season reservations. By taking advantage of Bonus Time reservations, Members may save Club Points for longer vacations during peak season vacations.  Bonus Time may be booked 30-days or less, prior to arrival at any of the Club Homes available across the Skyline Hotels & Resorts (Pantages Hotel, Horseshoe Resort & Deerhurst Resort).*

Flat Rates For all unit sizes

Sundary -Thursday

Friday & Saturday

*SkyAccess inventory does not qualify for Bonus Time.

Tips for point stretching

  • The best way to stretch your points is to book during low & high season, or weekdays during high season (Sunday – Thursday).
  • Another way to stretch your points is by taking advantage of the Club Manager’s deals – Exclusive time limited offers which can make it possible to save up to 65% off original cost in points. Stay tune to our email communications.
  • Take advantage of RCI’s instant exchange program, when you book 30-days or less prior to arrival date Members will be able to reserve selected weeks for 2,500 points only.
  • Book as much Bonus Time (Cash Rate) as possible and save your points for longer vacations or peak season. Remember this preferential rate is available only 30-days prior to arrival and it’s applicable for Club Vacation Homes only.

Tips for an easy reservation experience

  • Review the Club’s destinations and unit types available in each location, before calling for reservations.
  • For reservations throughout the Club network, the Club reservation window enables you to make plans well in advance
  • Before contacting Member Services for reservations, calculate the points you will spend by consulting Season Calendars and Club Point Charts, available on your Member Kit
  • For peak season and statutory holidays book well in advance to secure your reservation, consult your reservation window before placing a reservation
  • Mind the minimum stay requirements during peak season and statutory holidays, two (2) or three (3) nights might apply per stay.